Zara, Join Life

In search of new possibilities for re-using the shipping cardboard boxes. Every time you receive an online order it comes in a box with a past. This project aims to raise awareness on the value of humble materials as cardboard and promote a second use by the final brand’s customers.

All the cardboard that Zara uses carries the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, the international PEFC standard or an equivalent standard that promotes sustainable practices in forests around the world.

The cardboard boxes that arrive in stores are used up to 5 times before being recycled. They pass through suppliers, distribution centers and central warehouses before arriving at stores. Once there, they are reused while they are still in good condition for transporting clothes and store materials. When they can no longer be reused, Zara recycles them and transforms them into new cardboard. With this recycled cardboard Zara has started to produce new boxes that they use to send the online orders. Now, 56% of the online orders are delivered in these new boxes. Boxes made from their own boxes.

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