Gisela, Malaga

Gisela, a Spanish lingerie brand with an innovative approach to pattern and materiality, is opening the new flagship store in Malaga, Spain.

The new store concept design by Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari is a mixture of hard and soft elements, combining handmade curtains, irregular partitions, and unique columns. It want to pays homage to the contemporary feminine intimacy, delicacy and authenticity.

The customer feels surrounded in a harmonious space which integrates a sense of raw beauty while discovering the numerous collection of the brand through the displays until the dressing rooms.

The architecture and garments are in dialog with each other and tell a story of heritage and innovation.  Five open windows with light backdrops bring this dialogue from the inside to the outside.

The store is entirely furnished with bespoke pieces, such as the cash, stools, tables, props, and visual accessories.

A marble from quarries in the town of Macael, in southern Spain, has been used for the walls finishes and the clothing display, together with lacquered and copper metals for the hanging systems. The Macael scratched finishes reveal a purpose-worn surface to highlight the properties of this stone called “white gold”.

The fitting room handmade curtains are produced by overlapping several layers of make-up colored tulle, thus generating an optical effect of transparency. Vermiculite columns have been treated with plaster, the goal was to create an unexpected experience that conveyed beauty through a random like natural sensuality.

Earthy colors have been chosen for the store's furniture in contrast to the warm and neutral tones of the ceiling, walls, and floor.

At the end, the whole interior design is thought as tactic experience, a playground for the practice that took this assignment as a new exercise to experiment with very different and unique solutions, while combining functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Architects: Ciszak Dalmas / Matteo Ferrari
Location: Calle Nueva 9, 29005 Malaga, Spain
Floor Area: 70 m2
Completion: 01/2021
Photo: Asier Rua

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