Ninamur x Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

24K Gold-Foil / Black Rice Paper / Resin

Copper-Foil / Acquamarine Green Rice Paper / Resin

24K Gold-Foil / Vegetal Fibers / Resin

4K Gold-Foil / Vegetal Fibers / Resin

24K Gold-Foil / Acquamarine Green Rice Paper / Resin

Copper Gold-Foil / Resin


Limited eyewear collection designed for Museo Thyssen, Madrid. The experimenting process was about mixing resins, minerals and other materials to create new textures and unpredictable effects.

Nina Mûr, in collaboration with the Thyssen Bornemizsa Museum, has found inspiration in baroque paintings to launch a new and remarkable collection based on artisanal pictorial techniques from the early stages of painting. Using salvaged wood carvings, the use of texture and materials like gold leaf are employed.

Despite this method being no longer in use, designers like Ciszak Dalmas are working together with Nina Mûr to restore and apply those processes to the glasses, like authentic “gilders”(1) from the 21st century.

This collaboration is based on creativity and the search for quality through research in traditional techniques, to transform what was classic, into something contemporary.

Various models for men and women have been used to create unique pieces as if they were works of art.

For sale at the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum and on

(1) Gilders were artisans who overlaid objects with gold in the late Middle Ages as a luxury specialty within the guilds of carpenters, who were carvers, sculptors, painters and even architects at the same time.

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