MAX&Co. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Milan

MAX&Co. Serrano, Madrid

MAX&Co. Corso Vercelli, Milan

New concept for the MAX&Co. (Max Mara Group) stores worldwide. Developing of the furniture collection and lighting system. Taking part in the interior design team with Max Mara office, Andrea Tognon and Studiopepe.

Radically rethinking spaces. Beginning with a whole different approach to design, featuring new aesthetic languages. For a fresh new shopping experience.

No star architects, but a think tank boasting just young talents.  Bringing together the experiences, sensitivities and creativity of experts in different fields - fashion, architecture and interior design as well as art, music, journalism and even banking. Informal meetings, brainstorming sessions with variable compositions encouraging freewheeling conversations. Heterogeneous intuitions and reflections, sparked in an extemporaneous way, then grouped into thematic clouds and arranged into constellations. This is how the new MAX&Co. store concept came into being.

The goal of the project. Create a “shopper-friendly” environment, a welcoming & cozy ambience, brimming with sensorial and emotional stimuli. Eliminating that sense of displacement generated by impersonal and cold spaces, infinitely reproducible by cloning in any context, concealing reality beneath an artificial veneer of perfection. Recovering and showcasing the authenticity, uniqueness and specialness of what was there before. Restoring the original spirit to spaces, allowing them to tell their stories and that of the brand, while bringing to life clothes and accessories.

Giving tangible form to ideas. A productive fusion of in-house and outside skills - Andrea Tognon for the architectural details and volumes, Studio Pepe for styling and coming up with materials, Ciszak Dalmas for furnishings and lighting – in a felicitous synthesis of individual creative experiences. Featuring a systematic reliance on the know-how of highly competent, passionate craftsmen.

The materials. Authentic, warm, handmade, simple, unfinished and natural. Terracotta and majolica tiles, wood, glass and metal. Materials evoking tradition, especially Italian tradition, with their own histories marked by the imprint of time, augmenting their allure, imbuing them with an affective component. Materials which continue to live, overcoming the curse of obsolescence with the blessing of aging gracefully.  

The colors. A palette inspired by make-up tones. Subdued hues that convey well-being and serenity. Barely whispered shades, featured on a variety of different surfaces, finishes and textures, with contrasting acid touches.

The lighting. A mixed system – both spot and directional – showcasing the displayed products, while at the same time creating a relaxed mood.

The display units. Made by hand according to exclusive designs, they combine performance with delicate, ethereal and poetic forms. Oscillating between the purity of abstraction and the reassuring familiarity of domestic furnishings. Versatile elements which make it possible to create an infinite variety of displays. Little sets for showing off the products, setting all the elements that compose a look into a lively dialogue, conjuring up an entire world..
Year: 2011-2014
Client: MAX&Co.
Address: 500 Boutiques Worldwide

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