Attic Renovation in Almagro Neighborhood, Madrid - A Legacy Transformed

In Madrid's Almagro district, Ciszak Dalmas with Matteo Ferrari have reimagined a historically artistic home, celebrating volumes, materials, and preserving elements from the 70s.

Unified by a warm, neutral hue, the home's palette enhances its architectural textures and the interplay of light, which remains a central character in this dwelling.

The use of various levels and double heights gives each area of the house its own unique character, emphasizing space and the flow of natural light.
Two symmetrical arches separate the home's private area (master bedroom, closet, bathroom, and the spacious living room) from the external section (kitchen, dining room, and terrace). The loft and the hidden spiral staircase within a semi-circular structure introduce various levels, creating a play of volumes that enhance the house's height.

Bookshelves double as architectural features, and a kitchen island conceals refrigerators, seamlessly integrating functionality with aesthetic.

Original Catalan tiles and vaulted ceilings are meticulously restored, alongside the careful selection of materials, from the traditional terracotta tiles of the terrace to the resin and natural stone mosaics of the kitchen and bathroom.

Furnishings reflect a blend of artistic legacy, including reclaimed tables, vintage Italian sofas, Thonet chairs, and the striking presence of a large marble sink in the kitchen.

Despite its contemporary update, the essence of the home remains unchanged, striking a harmonious balance that upholds the cherished ambiance which has defined the house for the last 50 years.
Architects: Ciszak Dalmas / Matteo Ferrari
Location: Calle monte Esquinza, 22 28010 Madrid, Spain
Floor Area: 140 m2
Completion: 8/2023
Photo: Anne Banaan

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