Libros Mutantes, Madrid

Libros Mutantes is a Spain-based independent project focused on the relation between publishing and Visual Arts. Throughout the year they organize different events in order to bring this creative universe closer to the public. The main event is Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair, held at La Casa Encendida, Madrid. This year Ciszak Dalmas takes charge of creating and producing furniture for the exhibition space of the fair, with the requirement to accomodate more than forty national and international publishing projects.

The main concept for the Libros Mutantes ’16 exhibition is providing a solution to the excessive waste of material in ephemeral trade shows. With a budget limit of 2,500€ the briefing asks to design adaptable furniture to multiple configurations in order to allow editors to show their publications. On the other hand, the proposal gives a twist to industrial materials as OSB Wood and insulating Copopreno blocks, decontextualizing them into new uses: display tables, seating and storage space. Dark and synthetic textures dialogue with light and natural materials: two opposite but rather complementary moods.

The installation is completed with prefabricated concrete blocks produced from recycled aggregate from demolition of pavements. The Copopreno blocks are composed by 80% recycled material, polyurethane particles deriving from other manufacturing processes. The furniture has been designed to minimize the use of screws and glue, thereby facilitating removal and reuse.

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